Books to read this summer

Top 5 summer books everyone is talking about

Saturday 15th of July 2023

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With the new season of relaxation, enjoyment, rest and travel, the inevitable question is what to read during the summer. Ideal beach books are fun, mystical, educational, worth every minute. Before packing, prepare a list of books for summer vacation. These are suggestions that will turn every free moment into the best part of the day.

1. Sazvezdje svitaca (Constellation of Fireflies) - Mirjana Bobic Mojsilovic

Oh la la! What a treat for the mind, far sweeter than sticky fingers from melted ice cream. The memory of reading this piece will last much longer than your tan, no doubt. The author whose every book is decorated with the title of bestseller is exactly what you are looking for. This cover hides the story of six heroes who will be driven by life's circumstances faster than a roller coaster. Whether after the crucial 72 hours each one of them will be much better or God forbid, you will find out when you go on a great reading adventure.

2. Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki

Everything but summer lemonade! If you are not satisfied with the organization of your annual vacation, and you cannot do better because finances prevent you, it is time to discover important lessons. Written in such a way that even a school-age child can understand them, they are so instructive that everyone will wonder why they didn't know this before. The long-published book is at the top of the world's reading list every year. Pure truth that will change your view of the world. When everyone is resting, go on a life-altering journey.

3. The Master and Margarita - Mikhail Bulgakov

Only classics are eternal! The 1930s were a long time ago. In this book they are described as if it were yesterday. Probably because of the book itself, with no expiration date. It was banned for a long time and waited a very long time to see the light of day. The more it was banned, the more it was read. Even today, it is under attack in some parts of the world. Even today, no one can do anything to it. When talking about this masterpiece, it really doesn't matter if you pick it up for the first time or the hundredth time. It is important to focus on the details that make literature meaningful. It is time to leave for Moscow. Right now.

4. Mileva Ajnstajn: Teorija tuge (Mileva Einstein: Theory of sadness) - Slavenka Drakulic

Love, what is your theory? Sadness, why are you here so long? Undoubtedly, the intellectual diva, unfairly pushed into the background, Mrs. Mileva Einstein had these and even more difficult thoughts. Being a wife is not easy at any age. Challenges are always present. She had an incredibly intelligent mind, she had a family, she had a lot. She had no love. She sailed without a rudder. It is up to you to get into the totally realistic story of Mileva Einstein.

5. Serviraj za pobedu (Serve to win) - Novak Djokovic

Catch the wave of life! You have arrived at the beach, however, you prefer to look at everything around you but yourself. The swimming suit does not fit as well as in your mind. There are no working hours, but fatigue is present. Both in the neck and in the legs. Be honest, you need to get moving and change your gastronomic routine. Ruler of the white sport, pride of Serbia, number one in tennis. A living legend and humanist. A family man with a boy's smile. Ladies and gentlemen, Novak Djokovic has unselfishly published a diet plan with which you will experience incredible changes. Just 14 days of the new regime and you will be the new you. Serve yourself meals to win. You will not take the smile off your face.