Books to end of summer

Top 5 books to read as summer slowly packs its bags and moves to the other side of the planet

Monday 23rd of August 2021

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Under the parasols on the sea, for a deck chair by the pool, maybe a yard, or you can have a terrace - a vacation can be wherever you choose. A good ally is necessary for this mission, and who will it be if not a good book. A list of top 5 books to enjoy the rest of the summer season in 2021.

1. Your Neighbour’s Wife - Tony Parsons

Typical for printed material of the current era. A bit of drama, a lot of unfolding, and there are quite a few riddles between the covers. Temperatures are high so let the brain rest. You probably won't keep this book in your home library, but you will provide yourself with a great company for relaxation.

2. Una - Momo Kapor

Looking back at the beginning of the eighties, the world looked far different from this #covid19 madness. Look, even then, people loved and lived and dreamed and did everything. Every paper signed by Mr. Moma is eternal. For those who already read it, now is the time to evoke some well-spent time. The ones who have just started reading are sure to really enjoy the works of Mr. Moma. If Belgrade lives within your heart, choose the work Ada. The same author, therefore, guaranteed passion on every page.

3. If it Was Any Better, it Wouldn't Be Good - Bojan Ljubenovic

Fate can sometimes come as a surprise. He turns simple life into a roller coaster and reading it raises your pulse and hides all the clocks from you. Material for the section "Believe it or not". An authentic thriller from the domestic field will not be offended if you postpone its reading until fall. A book like this is always welcome.

4. 365 days - Blanka Lipinska

As long as the summer days are still on the calendar, it is legitimate and excused to read some fairy tales for adults about princesses and princes. We are deep enough into the 21st century that there is no more room for horses and carriages, but there is room for literary content that sticks to the fingers. She is beautiful and young, and he is irresistible. And on the other side of the law. Whether or not love will win under strange circumstances, you will only find out if you surrender and let yourself be consumed by this book.

5. 100 Nasty Women of History - Hannah Jewel

Why not, now that we are resting, read, and be inspired for the days to come? In one place, as many as 100 women were too much for their time and place. Unaccepted. Unadapted. They may not have received recognition for their work, but they will certainly get a place in your bag.