Zvezdara forest

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On top of this hill that used to be known as the Great Vracar Astronomical Observatory was built in 1932 and after its name (zvezdarnica in Serbian) the entire area and later municipality got the name Zvezdara. In the 19th century the hill was far from the city and it was not urbanized. Right after the construction of the Astronomical Observatory, arrangement of the park and planting of greenery began in 1933. Belgraders used to use as a resort and a picnic area.

Zvezdarа Forest, after Topcider and Kosutnjak is the largest forest in the Belgrade urban area. In addition to the observatory, there is the Institute Mihajlo Pupin.

Monument of nature Zvezdara represents a significant part of the ecosystem of the city. At the same time, this is one of the most attractive excursion destinations in the city center, perfect for relaxation, sport and recreation.