Places for the best selfie in Belgrade

At certain locations every photo is perfect. At any time of the year

Saturday 12th of January 2019

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Let's be honest. We all take photos all day. Of everything. Most of ourselves. From morning to night, at home, in the office, while going from one point to another, during meals, especially when we are having fun. For ourselves, for the sake of others. For fun. Maybe more because we are bored. Either way, the 21st century does not acknowledge that you exist on this planet if you do not have a photo to prove it.

The entire photo mania becomes a real job on trips. Then we want to record everything we see. Anyone who has travelled to Paris has a photo of the Eiffel Tower. New York requires much more memories in the phone. If you were wondering what are the places for the best photos in Belgrade, here is the answer. Before you go on a tour, charge the phone and camera batteries.

Always and forever - Kalemegdan. Whether you are chasing likes on social networks or collecting for your own collection, you will have amazing memories. Especially at the end of Kalemegdan, from where the rivers and Novi Beograd are seen. The Victor, you and for example, sunset = top photo for all the times.

When it could be calculated, the Temple of St. Sava would be the most important in the number of photos being taken every day. Selfie, photographs of impressive architectural beauty, group photographs - everything is equally popular. When you are in Belgrade, you must visit Vracar and record this location. Experience a very special feeling through your lens.

The capital of Serbia never sleeps and this incredible energy is the reason why many people come. If the city atmosphere has attracted you, there is one place where it is particularly conspicuous. Come to Slavija Square so that you never forget urban crowd. With the only music fountain in the city, it is a representative part for taking photos with lots of audience in the background. You will have authentic, yet world class selfie.

The Belgrade sea, Ada Ciganlija is an excellent fusion of nature and modern hedonism. The geyser at the famous lake is like made for taking photographs from different angles and testing numerous filters. Irresistible natural magic is a step away. It looks almost untouched. Dozens of restaurants and bars along the shore of the lake are also good for the photo album.

Fans of panoramic photos have plenty of options. The traditional choice is going to the Avala Tower and actively participating in the photo episode "Belgrade right in front of you". When you do not have time to travel to the highest point in the city, the viewpoint in the Zvezdara Forest or the very end of Bezanijska kosa, facing Novi Beograd's boulevards and bridges are great choice as well.