Hotels for the spring

Take advantage of the nice weather for a quality and completely original stay in the city

Friday 26th of April 2019

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With the first warm days, Belgrade is becoming a typical European metropolis. Visitors from all over the world curiously walk down the streets, discover the beauties and unique energy. To be among them, you must first choose proper accommodation. Here are three great suggestions.

It is no longer imperative to keep everything a step away from bed, but to have great time. The capital of Serbia easily exhausts. Endless offer of attractions, locations to visit, restaurants, nightclubs. Every place is looking for your best edition. To be in top form, and close to everything, register at the Belgrade Hills Villa Hotel. The Zvezdara forest is its location. In the spring, here is a paradise on earth. Park and forest, nature and the city. The combination of the incompatible is eternally attractive. A first-class holiday and a variety of services are not always expensive. You will spend much less when it comes to the package offered by this accommodation complex.

Most of the leading cities in Europe "lie" on the river. Belgrade proudly lies along two - the Danube and the Sava River. On the bank of the Danube in Zemun there is a Side One Design Hotel. A totally contemporary design with striking colours and impeccable service. The specialty of the house is an amazing view of one of the largest rivers of the Old Continent. The Zemun Quay will win you over as soon as you get to its terrain. Relaxation is as important as fun. This address guarantees both.

Nothing is more beautiful than decorated nature and true peace. It is true that such an ambiance in the urban environment is harder to find, but Belgrade has everything. If a strict center is not an imperative and you do not want to constantly spend time in crowd, Avala is your destination. It is desirable that you have your own transport because you are about 20 kilometers away from the city center. It is negligible versus modern hedonism provided by the 1000 Ruza Hotel. A warm home-like atmosphere, activities for all generations and Serbian cuisine will slow down time, get rid of the bad mood, and more importantly, create an unforgettable image of the spring in Belgrade.