Budget accommodation in Zemun

Let the Zemun Quay, the Gardos, the Millennium Tower, the pedestrian zone and much more, the typical Zemun, be one step away from bed

Friday 24th of May 2019

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City in the city. Forever yours. An unbreakable bond with Belgrade lasts, it seems, forever. It used to be called Taurunum. Zemun is equally beautiful name. There is something that no other part of the city has. Both the charm of ancient times and the influence of modern trends. Therefore, it is not surprising that Zemun is highly sought after by both domestic and foreign audiences. The search for accommodation in this part of the city can be complicated. Not unless you carefully read the top 3 suggestions for staying in Zemun. At an affordable price.

The official categorization rated this complex with four stars. User impressions rated it much more. A modern comfort called Franstal Apartments is located exactly where peace has the main role. Backyard and outdoor barbecue equipment are available to all users who choose these fully equipped apartments. When you want a walk along the Zemun Quay and the Danube, it will take you only a few minutes to be there.

Guests of the city, completely fascinated by Zemun, always want a little more time to enjoy and explore. To make the most of the time, staying at the hotel is an ideal option. Nature, decorated old architecture and popular bars and restaurants on the Zemun Quay are even more attractive if you are in a special hotel accommodation. The unique Theater Belgrade Hotel enchants with art and glamour. Each of the 43 rooms, as many as there are, is a perfectly designed oasis of hedonism. A style that is remembered forever. Service that you thought was only available to Hollywood stars. The location that will make you keep coming back gladly to the heart of Zemun.

Still on the waves of the Danube. The luxurious apartments that people talk all the best about are called Lala Luxury Suites. Minimalism, as the sovereign ruler of world trends at this address, is present in every millimeter. Spacious living room, bathroom as from magazine, newly built building with parking, terrace. Everything is there and everything is subordinated to the guests. No superfluous details. The focus is on relaxation in the new accommodation story. Be the main actor of the fairytale in reality.