Accommodation near the river

If not now, when to enjoy the magic of the Danube

Friday 13th of July 2018

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The summer tourist season is the time when a large number of travellers arrive in Belgrade from all over the world. Sights, rich history and culture, attractive events and unforgettable nightlife are at the top of the list why visit the capital of Serbia. The pride of the capital are also the two rivers that meet right here, the Danube and the Sava. Accommodation near natural beauty is something that nature lovers should not miss. Meet Belgrade from a river perspective. It is absolutely different.

You belong to the category of positive travellers and want accommodation that is everything but classic bed and interior. OK. Belgrade has everything. Fulfillment of interesting wishes begins here. The unusual floating hostel Arka Barka is a place where sleeping, and especially wakening up, has a completely different form. The Danube itself dictates the pace. Absolutely everything looks different here. The original accommodation on the river itself attracts travellers who, besides wanting to meet Belgrade from a different angle, have a desire to socialize with young people. There is always a party and something is always happening. Come on, jump into a totally authentic apartment complex.

Comass River City is also on the beautiful blue Danube. However, in this hotel on the water they insist on luxury. Hedonism of the first category is very popular among guests seeking peace and a quality holiday in the embrace of nature. This is the first hotel on the river in Belgrade, and from year to year, there are only the words of praise for the great effort and dedication to the business. Sleeping on the river in a perfect apartment, enjoying the view of the Great War Island and the old part of the city, and yet you are only ten-minute drive away from the center and the famous events. Perfect, isn't it?

For guests who think of the direct encounter with the Danube as an extreme adventure and still prefer firm ground under the feet, the famous Jugoslavija hotel is the right choice. The former symbol of the state of Yugoslavia, a magnificent building on the Zemun Quay has gone through a lot in its history. With great enthusiasm, the hotel has been renovated in 2013 and it was an important date in its biography. Now, the spirit of the modern era dominates the entire space. The most beautiful things of the past are carefully preserved, like a crystal chandelier. An impressive copy is one of the largest in the world, weighing 14 tons and has even 5,000 lighting spots. The balance between affordable price and excellent accommodation with a variety of amenities is for any compliment.