Arka Barka

This is a specific boat-based accommodation in Belgrade. The renovated apartment complex is located on the Danube Quay. The bar with cheerful interior and a perfect view of the Danube is an ideal place for morning coffee and breakfast. There is sauna for the moments of relaxation. There is wireless Internet throughout the complex and other amenities necessary for an appropriate stay. You can see Belgrade from a different perspective.

The interior looks like the work of the best artist. The colourful mixture, the dominance of natural materials and the perfect amount of creative details give a special charm and incredibly positive energy. A place that will make free even stubborn people and make them have unforgettable fun during their visit to Belgrade. Leader team and staff will meet you at any time. You will get the necessary information on where to go for the weekend, where to eat and what to do. Accommodation for all who live their lives to the fullest.