Really special apartments

Different accommodation for unforgettable stay

Thursday 31st of May 2018

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The original apartments in Belgrade provide a unique experience of relaxation and fun. Sometimes it takes an ambiance that is everything but classic. Whenever you want more than a standard bed, kitchen and bathroom in the city center, treat yourself to stay in really special apartments.

Zvezdara forest is a true paradise near the city center. A large number of residents and tourists use every moment to relax in a green oasis with rich content for active rest. Let the center and city events wait a bit. Now is the time to get to know the capital from the corner of nature. White House is an apartment complex that you will not want to leave. Birds from the forest wish you good morning here. Antique furniture provides the right amount of warmth, and the spacious courtyard with interesting props wins over everyone.

When you have everything in one place, then you can really say that you are on vacation. Staying in "resort" facilities does not have to be expensive. Kengur Resort in Zemun knows and has everything needed for hedonism in the 21st century. Tucked away apartments, pools for children and adults, restaurant, parking - everything that makes paradise on earth is at the same address.

The fans of the city crowd, as much as they want peace, they cannot do without central zones. No problem. Villa Senjak is hidden from the busy streets, and is only a few minutes away from the Belgrade Fair and Ada Ciganlija. If your business has brought you to Belgrade, you have found an ideal place for yourself. A quick business life requires strength and concentration, and the gym and swimming pool near bed are the right thing. In the city, yet isolated from the noise.