White House

The Zvezda forest is much more than a decorated green area. Here a large number of animals and rare birds live, and many plants and trees, that you will not see easily anywhere else, grew their roots. Sometimes this park used to be the favourite summer residence of Belgraders and foreign guests of the city. Right here, in a special place in Belgrade there is a charming villa that provides an unforgettable stay.

Stylish design captivates all senses. Perfectly embedded elements from the era of comfortable romanticism and touch of the modern era are an unusual combination. You will enjoy like in those times when everyone had much more room for themselves than it is today. You will feel the incredible atmosphere that dominates the entire space. The White House took even nine ares of land in a special location. When you are done enjoying the spacious bed, do your routine activities in the premium bathroom, go out to the garden and enjoy.

In addition to the fantastic view, the garden also has an old "Smederevac" stove. If you are a skilled chef, bake bread in this oven. You never ate such as that one. A special attraction is ride in Tito's Mercedes. You can schedule a ride to all places you want to visit. Feeling of ceremony and specialty will delight you.