Accommodation outside the city center

Away from the most famous attractions but without any drawback. On the contrary

Friday 25th of January 2019

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With the desire to get to know the city better, most tourists choose accommodation in the center. There are almost as many passengers whose priority is not to stay in the main zones. Important information is coming to all who come for a longer or shorter period. In front of you there are hotels and apartments in Belgrade where you will not notice that you are not one step away from the most famous sights. In return for it, you will get the opportunity to experience a real holiday. Take it.

With the development of the city, Borca became one of the most attractive suburb zones. It has many facilities for a modern life. Since the end of 2018, it has been richer for a creatively designed apart-hotel. Lola Almost Home serves a modern design and a positive atmosphere. Seven apartments are not the only thing they have to offer. The first bar with a viewpoint in Borca is theirs. Plus, they will organize sports, recreational and fun activities in no time.

The legendary Zemun and its charm are, for many people, incredibly seductive. When you already have your favourite, you just need to check in to Zlatnik Hotel. If you are wondering why, here is the answer. For three full decades, guests are welcomed in comfortable and fully equipped rooms. A sophisticated style, service and a variety of amenities are rated with four stars.

There is another option for pure hedonism in the whole other part of the city. In Vozdovac, four stars are called Majdan Hotel. The elegant, yet unique visual stamp, painted in bright colours, promises peace and calm sleep. The advantage of staying in this hotel is the proximity of the highway and a quick connection in every direction. Do not worry, you will not hear anything that causes stress.

You will experience the closeness with nature in the apartment Forest 29 in Zarkovo. The specially created bedroom will eliminate all the tiredness, and relaxation is guaranteed on the terrace with a view of the dense forest. You will not even be interested in the fact that you are not close to the city buildings. You and your affinities come first here.