Forest 29

A quality designed space that provides a good rest and relaxation. The apartment consists of a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen with a dining room, a bathroom and a terrace with a view of the dense forest. The bathroom is equipped with bathtub and towels while the kitchen is equipped with appliances for self-preparation of meals. Flat screen TV with cable television is in the living room. Isolation from the city crowd and the center allows guests a quiet stay.

Staying in nature gives you the opportunity to enjoy multiple benefits for your overall health. The advantage of this accommodation is that you do not need transport to a greenery site. You just need to go out on the terrace and recover sight and whole organism. Oasis of hedonism for all who respect the modern age and love nature. The richly furnished apartment provides much more than it is really needed. Due to all of the above, the accommodation has numerous guests who, with great pleasure, return to this address over and over again.