Ethno restaurants in Belgrade

Traditional gastronomic customs have the most beautiful taste

Friday 6th of April 2018

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Ethno restaurants never get out of fashion. The trends are appealing but real pleasure in the good meal and drink is irreplaceable. These are the places where you will enthrall all senses in the good old way.

1. Solunac

Hedonism in full edition. Enjoying the abundant portions of Serbian tradition is not the only reason for coming to this address. As you solve "heavy troubles" - whether you return to excellent kebab or accept the recommendation of a highly skilled waiter, you will also get a share of knowledge. Souvenirs and photographs of the prominent Serbian kings and heroes educationally decorate the interior.

2. Stara srpska kuca

Modern Novi Beograd has something to say on ethno topic. At the border between the modern part of the city and rustic Zemun there is a restaurant that perfectly combines old and new. Richly decorated space represents the most important items from the former everyday life, but with an emphasis on modern comfort. Famous local specialties, real cooked beans, cabbage rolls and patience dock rolls - everything is prepared as it used to be.

3. Pahuljica

A place for true gourmands in magical Zvezdara forest. In addition, a real paradise for children has been built. While enjoying home-made food and drink, the little ones have endless entertainment opportunities. In addition to all this, the forest air recovers like a spa center. Treat yourself to a unique homemade gastronomic experience.