Where to go for The Labour Day

We bring you the list of the main city destinations for the upcoming holiday

Friday 28th of April 2017

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There is a well-known saying that Belgrade is the most beautiful for holidays. The city is quiet, silent, without city crowd and nervous car horns and there aren`t as many bustling pedestrians then. The Labour Day, 1st May is one of those holidays. Somebody will go home, somebody will go somewhere for long weekend, and somebody will just stay at home. Those who stay at home will be able to live Belgrade to the fullest. We suggest list of places to go.

The Sava and Zemun Quay

The Sava and Zemun Quay with lots of boat-based restaurants and bars, playgrounds and facilities for children and recreation will provide needed rest to everyone on both sides of the river. Famous for its location on two rivers, Belgrade offers you the opportunity to drink your morning coffee on the Sava river and to have lunch on the Danube.

25. Maj and Belgrade Waterfront

25. Maj has always attracted both walkers and those who enjoy recreation on the other side of the river, in the old part of Belgrade. This is a favourite start line for skating or cycling all to Ada Ciganlija. You can take a break on the promenade of Belgrade Waterfront in some of the gardens of newly opened bars.

Ada Ciganlija

There is a big meeting point on the "Belgrade sea" - of those who were skating and cycling to get there and those who have already been on the beach since early in the morning. Whenever you come, Ada will welcome you with open arms because the most popular bars work non stop.

Ada Huja

Until recently, a small number of Belgraders has been successfully hiding Ada Huja from the public and keeping it to themselves as a mini getaway oasis on the Danube. Only great connoisseurs and lovers of game meat knew about Carski Lov. There used to be a narrow, unbuilt road where hardly could two cars bypass. However, the long time secret has been revealed and Ada Huja has become one of the most popular getaways on the river.

Zvezdara forest and Kosutnjak

Who wants barbecue? Zvezdara forest and Kosutnjak are two most popular destinations for 1st May reveille, barbecue with friends and family in nature, on the fresh air. Although there aren`t many people and cars on one spot in these two destinations, they are still inevitable for May Day picnics. Barbecue, drinks and music from cars are brought just for good time and great fun.