Spas in Serbia near Belgrade

Rest so close, yet far enough away from fatigue

Thursday 15th of July 2021

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Holidays, non-working days in Serbia, long weekend, last minute surprise, trip out of town. Ladies and gentlemen, Serbia has spas that you must get to know and that are perfect for shorter and longer stays. Out of 55 in total, we choose the three spas closest to Belgrade.

Selters Banja Mladenovac

Selters Spa in Mladenovac is the closest choice for rehabilitation and enjoyment. It is located only 50 kilometers from the city center. Twenty hectares are completely subordinated to great vacation.

The first information about this address, where the mind and body completely transform, dates back to 1893. Apart from the fact that it is close to the city rhythm, centuries of experience guarantee that you are in safe hands.

Bukovicka Banja

It says "Come for health". The distance of only 70 something kilometers is an extra reason to discover this paradise. Numerous therapies, healing mineral water and highly qualified medical staff can recover you very fast.

The entire complex is located in a park that is one of the most beautiful in Serbia and its breathtaking ambiance will "make" you return as soon as possible.

Banja Vrujci

It is 92 kilometers from Belgrade. It has long been known as a place where the wounded from the World War I recovered due to the extremely healing water. Spa centers, swimming pools, medical therapies, healing mud, parks, sports fields - you have everything you want in one place.

Extra suggestion: Banja Rusanda

In Banat, 99 kilometers away from Belgrade, leaning on the largest salt lake in Serbia, lies the Rusanda Spa. Unique in every sense. The beauty of this location was written about back in 1867, and the impressions of modern travelers are not less impressive.

First-class treatments for recovery and recreation are "spiced" with Vojvodina's charm. Wherever you go, you will be accompanied by tambourine music, but also great gastronomic specialties.