The tourists are back in the city

Word of mouth is the best marketing. That is why it is not surprising that the capital of Serbia is crowded with travelers from all over the world

Saturday 10th of December 2022

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Tourists are back in the city. The cosmopolitan atmosphere is felt again. Many intentional travelers know that Belgrade can hug like no other city on the world map. They also know that people live here to the fullest regardless of the season, weather and other circumstances.

Some travelers make their debut on the Belgrade map. Welcome to the zone of genuine hedonism. The guide through Belgrade provides the most important information. What to see in Belgrade, where to go out, where to shop, museums, the most beautiful parks and everything you have to visit is in one place.

The next step in getting to know the city has to be food. Restaurants in Belgrade are institutions of great importance when it comes to gastronomy. Visit as many restaurants as possible and you will have the most delicious memories ever. In this area you have the opportunity to taste all the cuisines of the world. Each one is for recommendation. However, the most important gastronomic secret is hidden in national specialties. So do not miss out on getting to know the charms that a traditional tavern has to offer.

More than two million people live in this city. You will surely meet a new friend for life, because hospitality and kindness are synonymous with the people of Belgrade. Warm welcome and honest conversations will make you feel like you have always been on the city's streets. Step into a fusion of old and new, modern and rustic. Treat yourself to an atmosphere you will love.