Clubbing news of the month: Beatshakers duo at Lasta

The undisputed world-renowned domestic DJ duo is coming to Lasta to rock the city's clubbers to the best rhythm

Thursday 4th of July 2024

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Reserve the coming Sunday afternoon for the City matinee party, because the famous Belgrade DJ duo BeatshakersBeatshakers will be visiting for the first time the Lasta boat-based club on 7th July from 18:00, and their guest is the rising DJ star WRC, Vojislav Vojo Vreco, who is known as a participant in this year's "Survivor" series.

Through their sets, the legendary Beatshakers combine different musical genres with a unique approach, giving energetic performances a recognizable stamp. They have never repeated the same two performances in their rich multi-decade career. For them, it is absolutely impossible because Ivan and Kole, known to everyone as Beatshakers, have an exquisite sense of music. They carefully listen to the wishes of the audience and insist on a powerful vibe. Their mission is to make you remember the parties they throw forever. Years of career and a completely satisfied audience are proof that they have no competition.

They are known for their hit singles, which have been inevitable for years on domestic and international playlists, both of radio stations and DJs. Through numerous collaborations with pop, rock and rap artists, they opened a new chapter of domestic music production and pushed the boundaries in the previous fusions of different genres. They won world recognition for their hit Ma Cherie.

Music signed by Beatshakers has reached a mass audience at numerous performances, the most notable of which are Foam Fest in Belgrade Arena, Exit Dance Arena and Ultra Europe Festival.

Sunday, 7th July from 18:00 is an exclusive opportunity to enjoy the authentic rhythm at the Lasta boat-based club. The entry is free with mandatory reservations.

Photo: Beatshakers