Parties for the weekend

Four times fun. Really good fun in every part of the city

Tuesday 30th of July 2019

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The first Friday in August offers more than excellent music. The 20/44 boat-based club has decided to make you remember this short summer for a long time. Exclusively for incredible rhythm. Book your place at this address for the second August night in time. From 23:00 to 06:00, Marko Nastic and Kristijan Sajkovic will take care of music and the mood. Cancel everything scheduled. This party should not be missed.

Tranzit Bar offers light but perfect clubbing. Go out to the center of Savamala without any obligation and great preparation for a night out. Relax. Loosen up. Friday, 2nd August is just like made for dancing under the stars with great local DJs and toasting with attractive cocktails. Why let somebody tell you about the news in town. Enjoy yourself the authentic modern party.

Saturday night allows everything except monotony. Techno and r'n'b are listened to. Both clubs and boat-based clubs are places to go out to. Music magic will change your view of the present. So do not hesitate to start a story that you will not easily forget.

Drugstore club has only one plan for Saturday 3rd August. To make you stay awake all night with pure techno. A certified recipe for such party includes experienced DJs. Only for you, even three DJs will guide you through the night. Well known, trained to perfection. There is no place in Serbia and the region that they have not visited. There is not a single clubber who is not thrilled with their talent. They are Luka Concrete and Bojan Vukmirovic. They are performing from 23:00 to 06:00.

However, the beginning of the new month is not just an ordinary night. That is why a very special lady will keep them company. She presents herself as Sugar Lobby. Energetic, powerful, accurate. They are together an amazing team that will make time fly.

Hot Mess boat-based club is one of the summer favourites. The specialty of the entertainment programme on the water is the party "Cherry On Top" which is organized every Saturday. DJs Lea and Ike will shake your hips like no one else before. If you are keen on r'n'b vibe, go fast to the boat-based club. Midnight is the ideal time to show up.