Monthly club programme

Four weekends - four original parties

Tuesday 2nd of April 2019

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Yes, April has four weekends. However, the last does not count as it is on the eve of Easter. The days ahead of great holidays are not on the side of the clubbers because the city literally becomes empty. Nevertheless, four authentic parties to everyone's musical taste are on the repertoire.

On the first Friday of April, 20/44 boat-based club will throw a birthday party. A special occasion requires special guests. They certainly are special. Their own, quality, favourite in the whole region. Bitipatibi are a very popular fusion of dream pop and jazz rock music. On the Fifth April night, from 22:00 to 06:00, they will perform together with two DJs - 33.10.3402 and Ali Güney.

On the same evening, 5th April, exactly at 23:00, "The Trap Party Vol. 4" starts in Martinez. Beat that attracts great attention of the club audience will be listened to until 02:00. A solo player will be in charge of music. Marko Jovev is a DJ and producer to whom older colleagues predict a rich career. Trap is definitely his genre.

Serbian techno will be played at the DOT club on 12th April. The fantastic Ilija Djokovic is coming to show fresh material and skills at the DJ desk. He will not be alone. Another great guy from the local story will keep him company on the stage. There is almost no important electronic event in which Andrew Meller does not participate. They start at 23:00. Make sure you arrive on time.

Drugstore is the place where the new "Apgrade" edition is held. DJ and producer from the far-off Michigan, Seth Troxler is a star of the party scheduled for 20th April. Domestic support are Akioki, Gordan Paunovic and Vlada Janjic. Music is becoming louder at 23:00, and there will be crowd on the dance floor until 06:00.

Seth Troxler has already performed in Belgrade. He only has positive impressions, but for the new socializing he is bringing world vibe. Mixed origin is probably the main culprit for a colourful musical spectrum. He prefers from Chicago house and minimal techno to indie rock and psychedelic ambient. He learned the basics from his stepfather who worked as a radio DJ. He continued the story himself. In the first decade of the 2000's, he moved from Detroit to Berlin and then his professional career started.