Techno Friday

Neither disco nor house. Exclusively excellent techno rules the town

Tuesday 12th of February 2019

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A place that always insists on techno sound organizes a premiere event in 2019 on Friday 15th February from 23:00 to 06:00. At Drugstore club, something bigger than a party is organized. The owners of the Berlin Music Union "Level Delta", DJs and producers Tom Talenberg and Corium are performing. Together with them is Italian Francesco Visconti known as VSK. It is still not the end of the artists' list. Rajko Ristanovic, DJ RAR in front of "Music Reactions" organization is performing the same evening. An amazing fusion will colour the night with pure techno rhythm.

Deda and Moca are Demo. Inspired by Berlin, they created a hybrid set that will be presented at the DOT club. The combination of DJing, live performance and full effects were called "Ne moras u Berlin" (You do not have to go to Berlin). There is no need to pack because the German capital is coming to town on Friday 15th February from 23:00 to 05:00. New techno DJs are winning over clubs at high speed. Their techno is not dark. It is not slow either. It is "full" of good energy. Music innovation is more than a good reason to spend the night in the very center.

For the end of partying an after party is an excellent choice. Also in techno manner. Mint club is traditionally good choice for parties that start when they end up in all other places. Within the music programme that is signed by the "Protokol" association, doctors for postponing sleep and the exchange of positive vibes will be DJs Envy and Petar Vlahovic this time. They start at 04:00, and they will play music at least until 10:00.