Entertainment for the last weekend in the year

Say goodbye to the old year from the dance floor. There is no better plan

Tuesday 25th of December 2018

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This week, clubbing starts on Thursday. Ben Akiba has prepared a big party for 27th December. "Bom Som Delikates" will be marked by 10 DJs who will play music on two stages for eight hours. New Year's edition of Savamala for a straight A.

Friday. Last Friday of the year. Where to go out to? Which club to choose? It is impossible to choose only one. Nor is it necessary. DJ Alex Tic will play the greatest hits of the nineties in the Industrija bar. Who prefers retro sound, he knows where his place is. Alex does not make mistake when it comes to the selection of songs. He is one of those DJs that you do not have to ask to play your song. He knows exactly what you want. And that is exactly what you will get.

If your hips do not react to the dance rhythm but to the popular r'n'b, the Brankow club is your location. On Friday 28th December, from 23:00 to 05:00, Gazda Paja is leading the fun. Great information for fans of this special guy who wins over the whole region with his music. More good news. Martinez is back again! The modern oasis of night adventures continues in well-know way. Very nice girls, great guys, top cocktails and perfect electronic music. Yes, it is Martinez. Friday is the ideal day to visit a well-known place in the city.

On Saturday, we are going to Mars. Drugstore starts boarding on a traditional party on 29th December at 23:00. Through the music journey you will be led by Kezz, Sergio Lounge, MKDSL, Summer Deaths, Yan Dusk, Nihil, Spejs Noksi, Milkovic and Flip. A very good ride through the galaxy will last until 06:00.

Given that this is the last Saturday in 2018, it does not make sense to disregard it. Instead of going home, go to the after-party at Mint club. "Protokol After Hours" starts at 04:00. Do not worry if you cannot make it to the beginning of the party. It will last until 10:00. Coeus, Manton, Petar Vlahovic. Three powerful names for techno you deserve.

When you visit each of these parties, then you will be ready to welcome New Year 2019. Clubbers, dance like never before!