December's clubbing

What will be happening in the field of night entertainment until New Year's Eve

Monday 3rd of December 2018

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There are four more weekends left until the end of 2018. The first half of December has such concept that that wherever you go, every day, you will find great music and positive energy in the club crowd. Since the other half of the month, the rules of entertainment are changing into seriously powerful entertainment. The best overture for New Year's Eve in clubs is about to start.

The famous label "Waxx Trax" will celebrate the fifth birthday party in the Drugstore club on 15th December. Mini jubilee for the best rhythm. Conforce, Dusan Kacarevic, Neutron, Schlitz, Matej Rusmir, Bolelee, Raum.null, Rope, Aaska, Luuk De Jung, Meister Mthaza, Noise Modeller and Kristijan Sajkovic will take turns between 23:00 and 05:00. The perfect way to mark the great success of the label that has released more than forty editions and that works with over forty domestic and foreign DJs.

New Year's Eve in Belgrade before the official date. This is the closest description of the party scheduled for 22nd December. Marco Carola, Marko Nastic and Runy will make a spectacle in Hangar. This summer, Carola hosted Nastic in Ibiza, and now Marko is returning hospitality.

The popular Italian is, without exaggeration, one of the best techno musicians with a biography that every DJ dream about. Also, he is the host and creator of the "Music On" party, which has been held throughout the summer on several locations in Ibiza, and during the winter is touring the world. Marko Nastic proved himself on the home court a long ago. If his name is on the artists' list, the party is surely sold out. Runy will show why he stands for the favourite DJ among younger generation. Definitely, this will be one of the parties that will make you remember Belgrade clubbing in edition 2018.

RnB is probably the most wanted genre at the moment. That is why Brankow club is organizing "RnB Fest" from 27th December to 5th January. During ten nights, 15 prominent DJs will perform. The dance floor will only accept dancing hips and big smiles. Therefore, immediately start getting ready for the beat you love in the amazing club under the Branko's Bridge.