Where to go out to on Friday, 24th November

The last weekend in November will be marked by various parties in the city with local and foreign DJs

Tuesday 21st of November 2017

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Boat-based club 20/44 organizes a party in the lower part from 23:00 to 06:00, and music will be played by Jan Schulte and a resident of the raft, DJ Brka. A guest from Germany comes straight from Dusseldorf, and his tracks are being listened to around the world. After regular appearances and gaining experience in the famous club "Salon des Amateurs", he began to conquer the universe with his own combination of percussion and electronics which at the highest speed won over every dance floor.

DOT club is making "Bitz X Years" party that starts at 23:00 and Madafaktor feat. MC Ona, Side 1 feat. MC Bo_JAH, Shiny D feat. Edge MC, Rim Runner b2b Dzonidza feat. Don Dada will perform. VJ support will be provided by Witness. This line up guarantees diverse music during whole night and fun for people with different musical taste.

Drugstore has even two techno events. Big room will host a DJ and producer Reeko from Spain. He was born in 1981, and began his career in 1997. He released the first album in 2002 for the label "Emergence" from Sweden, with which he achieved great success. Obsessed with perfection, he creates perfect techno that "gets under skin" at the first listening. He is the owner of the "Mental Disorder" label and an active member of the project "PoleGroup" led by popular Oscar Mulero. Domestic support is no less known name - DJ and producer Regen, aka Milos Pavlovic. Stage at Black Room is taken by guests from America, Erika and Concrete DJz - Luka Concrete and Bojan Vukmirovic.

Mladost disco bar invited two performers this Friday - SMT#nG and DJP. Domestic DJs will play music from 23:00, and everyone who comes to the club can expect a standard good time. City clubbers have the opportunity to listen to very good techno in a place that is synonym for entertainment in Savamala in the peak of the winter season.