Top 3 parties on Friday

Entertainment that only top electronic music can create

Tuesday 23rd of October 2018

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A cute disco party all night long. The "BombOn" party at DOT club starts at 23:00. Bombastic groove from the end of the seventies to the present day will be played by DJs BKO and Bege Fank. Excellent music for laughing and dancing will last until 05:00. When this kind of rhythm is on the programme, the best time is on the dance floor. Dancing until the morning and a very positive atmosphere for a great Friday in the city.

Mr. Stefan Braun is organizing "Mashup" party on Friday, 26th October. The music host is a well known name from the Belgrade electronic scene. Damjan Eltech has been DJing since 2003, and after co-operation with Sajsi in 2011, his work began to be followed by those who do not visit clubs. Hours and hours at the DJ counter in many clubs have done their own. He plays all electronic genres. However, music for urban entertainment is his favourite. Damjan and the energy of the iconic club are the right combination for a totally good party.

The 20/44 boat-based club has a great plan for the last Friday in October. From 23:00 to 06:00, music is dictated by three DJs. Jonny Rock is a guest who comes from London and will be in charge of the perfect house and disco sound. Nikola Vemic and Ali Güney are domestic support. A powerful trio brings a fantastic beat into relaxed clubbing zone. With their music, you will not notice that the morning has already come in the city.