Three times a party

At the top three clubs

Tuesday 13th of November 2018

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Popular places for nightlife are always a good choice for entertainment. When you have no idea where to go out to on Friday, you can make reservation in these clubs without worry. The stylish interior, the atmosphere that is described with the best, famous DJs and crowds make every party a perfect one. More than good fun.

A club that makes no difference between working days and the weekend is Mr. Stefan Braun. However, Friday's party has a special style. On the dance floor or at the bar counter, it does not matter, dancing is what is important. The rhythm of the "Mashup" party and DJ Damjan Eltech will delight anyone who follows the world trends. You will not be dissatisfied with the programme that starts shortly before midnight on 16th November. Even if the company you came with is not in the mood for having fun, the bartenders and hostesses are and will be happy to share with you good vibes.

Brankow booked Friday for r'n'b. DJs Divolly & Markward and Mike Ride are in charge of eliminating fatigue, bad thoughts and boredom. They insist on positive attitudes, smiles and moving hips. There is no reason to doubt their possibilities. This duo wins over the audience at the first beat. The "City Of Vice" party starts at exactly 23:55 and lasts until 05:00. Good music until the morning at a famous location is all you need for an excellent Friday.

The unavoidable point of nightlife events on the city map is Freestyler Winter Stage. A totally trendy zone of urban electronic music does not change the proven rhythm for the third Friday in November. DJs Lea and Ike plus guest Sha will only play what you listen to the most. Plus, regular guests are very attractive girls and phenomenal guys. If you are single, be sure to come.