Entertainment for girls

When the Women's Day is on Friday, let the weekend be as the ladies like it. Not otherwise

Tuesday 5th of March 2019

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Girls who go out have high criteria. They do not experiment too much and they insist on well-known clubs where the atmosphere is always great, music is modern and the audience is numerous. Dear ladies, Friday 8th March is your day. You deserve superb entertainment. Visit one of the three popular parties, and if you are skilled in the organization, visit each one of them. You will be delighted and you will experience exactly what you are looking for - top-notch clubbing.

A place for which there is no dilemma whether to visit or not is Mr Stefan Braun. You do not have to have a big company to come to this address. One friend is enough and great energy is guaranteed. You do not have to dress up too much because you will forget about physical appearance because of dancing all night long. It is necessary to prepare yourself for the night when everything but boredom is allowed. The ninth floor receives guests from midnight, and music will be played by Damjan Eltech. To the taste of women, of course.

Belgrade at night offers a lot of things. Top-notch clubbing at most. The world trends are not followed in The Bank club. New standards of entertainment are set here. Anyone who loves r'n'b in the most modern edition is welcome to a unique zone of entertainment in Beton Hall. On Friday, 8th March, "Straight to the Bank" party is on the repertoire. It will surely be dedicated to the celebration of the Women's Day and the ladies will be treated as queens. You can "dress up" as much as you want for going out to The Bank. Aesthetics is really appreciated here.

The third location where you will be guaranteed to experience the spectacle is Winter Freestyler. Music, numerous guys from the city and abroad, dancers, drinks, staff, atmosphere - everything is at the highest level. Girls, if your hips react exclusively to r'n'b, hip-hop, rap and trap, then come to the "Pimp My Friday" party. Regardless of whether the music will only be played by the hosts of the party or they will have special guests, entertainment from midnight until 05:00 will be without mistake. You will never forget Women's Day 2019 organized like this.