Clubbing on Fridays

Rhythm for dancing all night long. Nonstop

Tuesday 20th of November 2018

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Good fun, famous hits and excellent drinks - three ingredients that guarantee a good time. In Industrija bar, Friday is the day for popular songs that have celebrated age of majority long time ago. It will be exactly like that on the 23rd night of November. DJ Alex Tic is a specialist for music from the nineties and the 2000's. He knows well these epochs and even better mixes them. Just for your hips.

Lovers of r'n'b music, straight to the "Straight to the Bank" party. The Bank is the first club in Belgrade that plays only this genre. Clubbing according to world standards, special selection of DJs and always good energy are trademarks of this place. On Friday, 23rd November, the trendy party starts shortly before midnight. Remember that dress code is required and you will not pass the entrance unless you are adequately dressed up. Smile, phone numbers and dancing partners exchanges are not forbidden. On the contrary. Everything that is defined as good vibe is desirable.

Techno party "Late Night Social Club" is being held at Gadost club. Great staff will be in charge of the feeling like at home. Authentic club atmosphere is guaranteed at this address. Three DJs will be in charge of top techno. Domestic Milovan Stojanovic and Nemanja Vanovic will host a great colleague from Slovenia. Djunior cannot wait socializing with the Belgrade audience. The party starts at 01:00 and it lasts until 07:00. Indulge yourself with the music selection of a great trio. You will wait for the morning in great mood.