Matinée parties

The best overture for nightlife is daily entertainment. Welcome to the clubbing zone called Belgrade during the day

Saturday 6th of July 2019

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Entertainment in clubs and boat-based clubs is the main reason for coming to Belgrade. Young people from the region and the whole planet is eagerly waiting for the summertime when the night party reaches its peak. Everyone is at the dance floor then. Special clubbing treats are daily - matinée parties.

Matinée is a French word and means time from dawn to noon; entertainment, public event organized before and afternoon; film screening or theater performance during the day.

Music, cocktails, atmosphere and other elements typical for the night are now available throughout the day. DJs in charge of the music programme have an important task. Their job is to keep up with the daily mood but also to warm up the audience for the continuation of entertainment.

Matinée parties won over city clubbers immediately. The reasons are numerous. Energy is stronger. Relaxing is not disturbed with going out at night. Attractive girls are even more beautiful in the daylight. No one dresses up excessively, so the whole concept gets a casual feeling. Music is loud but not too much so spontaneous chit-chatting is absolutely possible. Everything that makes a great party is present. The recipe for success of matinée entertainment has been discovered. Now is the moment to discover where all this can be experienced.

Lasta - Gradski splav, boat-based club was among the first to launch a daily party. Every Sunday, during the summer season, the "Gradski Matinée" is organized. It starts at 18:00, and ends at 01:00. Famous local DJs are selected for each edition, and foreign guests are also frequent. Without any doubt, head to this boat-based club on Sundays. You will be fascinated by the sunset in a special edition.

Leto Belgrade boat-based club is the next destination for matinée. World style and Belgrade vibe are an unexcelled duo. Relaxed Sunday afternoon at this address becomes a time to remember in no time. With eminent local DJs, rhythm is dictated by exclusive artists from around the world. "Belgrade Matinée" starts at 18:00 and lasts until midnight. If you choose to spend Sunday here, it will be easier to handle the stress that Monday brings.

The latest matinée adventure is at the Hot Mess boat-based club. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 14:00 to 18:00, there is the "Day Pool Party". Drinking in the pool or dancing by the pool, the choice is only yours. It is important not to miss this kind of going out. Discover a totally different day in Belgrade and you will not want anything else. Ever.