Entertainment on Friday

The last May evening equals a really good club programme

Tuesday 28th of May 2019

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City clubs have an amazing way to get you out of your home, cheer and leave a great impression. Let relaxing in the four walls or hanging out in a local bar wait some ordinary day. Hey guys, it's Friday! And it is not any, but the last one in May. Say goodbye to this month from the dance floor and enjoy great music.

Ben Akiba Club is becoming an oasis of techno Serbian way on Friday. From 22:00, the well-known DJs Mancha and Teo Trunk will play the beat that moves. A relaxed atmosphere in well-known club is always a good choice. With these artists, it becomes a place that should not be missed.

At five minutes to midnight, on 31st May, Lasta City splav (boat-based club) is starting a spectacle. A special guest is more than a quality DJ and producer. He is one of the best creators of clubbing on the entire map of the world. His performances are those events when you do not know whether to indulge in the rhythm and forget about everything else or record every minute of the party. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the night that Mark Knight will mark.

The host of the party concept "Toolroom Ibiza", an entertainer with a strong sense of business, talented, successful. All this and more is Mark. He is from London. Wherever he performs, he is followed by a faithful audience. Like on social networks where he has hundreds of thousands of followers. Still, at Lasta he will not be alone. Together with him, Peppe and Vuk Vukosavljevic will be in charge of the rhythm until early morning.

You can never get enough of techno music. On the same evening, from 21:00 to 04:00, in the Drum Club, a party will be organized in 100% techno style. Three domestic DJs - Lazar F, Marko Adzic and Am Hi are launching exclusively good vibes through their sets. It will be so on the last Friday in May at the address of this club.