Two times a party

Where to go out to on Friday, 20th July is not a tough question. Great entertainment is at boat-based clubs

Tuesday 17th of July 2018

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Hot, rainy, interesting, different - the summer 2018 in Belgrade is very variable. The only thing that never changes is clubbing. Regardless of weather, parties are always in the whole city. Summer parties involve going to boat-based clubs and the atmosphere that is talked and written about all around the world. Already long list of places for going out to has been richer for another boat-based club since the beginning of the summer.

Leto Belgrade is a place where electronic music and an exotic ambiance create an original entertainment. Famous city DJs are the hosts. John Belk, Teo Trunk, Mancha, Nexie and many other artists from the Serbian electro industry are insisting on world famous songs that sound quiet special with favourite drink and dancing.

The show business diva does not stop. Mrs Lopez readily welcomed the summer again. Without her at least one new hit for hot nights, the favourite season is unthinkable. From the Latin singer she got to the very top, and house and pop, with a dose of r'n'b genre in her way, break the listening records. Friday is the right day for this kind of beat.

Shake'n'Shake organizes house parties on Fridays. "Pink champagne" is the name for entertainment on a popular boat-based club that starts off the weekend exclusively in the most modern rhythm. On Friday, 20th July, the party starts shortly before midnight. You do not need a special dress code, but reservations are desirable. Good mood and a company that knows how to have top-notch fun are a must have. Everything else will be found here.