Saturday night and clubs

A night for open-air parties, house rhythm and commercial tunes

Thursday 30th of May 2019

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First of all - trance! On Saturday, 1st June, the Kalemegdan walls and the Barutana club will be in the rhythm of a trio for a straight A. Indra, Xerox and Djantrix are the DJs with whom this genre gets a special edition. No matter how powerful they are, they need local support. Another trio - Aquapipe, Sivi and Albert will do their best on the stage. A total of six representatives of the trance universe will play music from 23:00 to 06:00. Sensationally good party.

If your hips prefer the rhythm for dancing and hot atmosphere at the dance floor, go quickly to the Slep boat-based club. There, on Saturday 1st June, from 22:00, the creator of the "Sleparenje" party, experienced DJ Marko Gangbanger, is waiting for you. The premiere edition of the excellent concept for dance and laughter in the 2019 season will last until 05:00. Do you have as much energy as Marko has good music?

When you want to have a good time and stay out till the morning, Tranzit is an unmistakably high quality choice. You can sit in the garden and enjoy your drink. You can also chat with staff or other guests at the bar counter. You can also indulge yourself with the modern rhythm that is always played by the great DJs and spend the night like a real clubber. Entertainment to your taste starts at 22:00.