Matador in Belgrade

The winner of the prestigious "DJ Awards - Electronic Live Performer" for 2016 will perform in Belgrade

Friday 25th of June 2021

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Fans of the DJ scene know how difficult it is to "find" a quality versatile DJ who enjoys the audience's attention in the long run. It is even more difficult to "make him" come to perform in a small country with even smaller market. When a DJ is in demand in the world's top clubs and festivals such as Tomorrowland, Ultra, DC-10 Ibiza and Stereo Montreal, and when his schedule is overbooked, it is a rarity to find a date and finances for his appearance in less attractive places.

However, Barutana did it. This Saturday, Irishman Gavin Lynch, known in the world of electronic music as Matador, is performing in this Belgrade club.

He grew up with Guns'n'Roses and Pink Floyd. Later, inspired by the names in electronic music such as Jeff Mills and Richie Hawtin, Matador began his training in Dublin after a course in electronic production. He ended up in a studio where he was fascinated by instruments "in their purest form", and after that he started creating his own music, recognized by the audience, which puts him on the DJ scene.