Where to for the weekend - parties on Saturday

A great plan for night life is this: only famous clubs and well-know parties

Thursday 21st of March 2019

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When you do not know where you feel like going, Savamala is an unmistakable choice. Many clubs in the same neighbourhood make it difficult to make a final decision where to go out to. You can start at the well-known Tranzit Nouveau. The old place in the new story starts with entertainment at 23:00. It is unlikely that you will not like the choice of music or atmosphere. If this happens, the entire neighbourhood is full of night clubs. You can easily find a replacement.

Techno Saturday in KC Grad. Five DJs and producers will play music from 23:00 to 05:00. You know them for sure. They are Mihajlo, brAk ie Vladimir Jovic and Luka Crnobrnja, Mudrost and Kaen. They are experienced enough to entertain clubbers across Serbia. They are curious enough to constantly learn and create new sets. Because techno is their universe, that is why they are the ideal choice for Saturday night.

On 23rd March, a completely different night is being organized at the Secer club. The party on Saturday, "Jungle Base Slavs" will present the music of the "Base" collective and RNDMSLV from 23:00 to 05:00. In fact, beat will be dictated by DJs Dooban X, Coach, Trifun and Pava. Expect a good mix of hard sound and incredible enthusiasm of domestic young entertainers. More than enough reasons to choose a night out without any pressure, with an emphasis on electro sound.