Current theater repertoire

Belgrade theaters are ready to get the biggest applause. With a program like this, the atmosphere in the theater will be extraordinary

Wednesday 5th of April 2023

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The repertoire of plays is identical to traffic. Crowded! Unlike the unconquerable traffic jam, in the theaters, everyone will be won over. The program includes completely new, never-before-seen plays. Great attention is also stolen by the classics that stand the test of time. There are also popular plays that are enjoyed every month.

Theater premieres

The comedy Laz (Lie) is in the spotlight. The play, premiered on 1st April, immediately won the hearts of both the audience and the critics. Based on the text by Florian Zeller and directed by Nikola Ljuca, the theme is dishonesty towards one's loved ones, in short. The cast consists of Milos Bikovic, Jelisaveta Teodosic, Tamara Krcunovic and Miodrag Radonjic. Sources say tickets are sold out. Persistence may change the situation, so take a walk to the Belgrade Drama Theater, tickets may be waiting for you at the box office.

The National Theater announces as many as three premieres this month. Macbeth is a legendary play by Shakespeare, created around 1605. Director Jagos Markovic is in charge of its new edition. The opera Turandot will be premiered on 23rd April at 19:30 on the Main Stage. For the first time in the same place, three days earlier, also the Main Stage is reserved for the Pirate / Le Corsaire ballet. You cannot choose a favorite play here. There is no question of what to watch. As soon as possible, buy tickets for the masterful spectacle multiplied by three.

Lepotica i Zverko (Beauty and the Beast) premieres at the Puz theater on 7th April at 18:00. An instructive love story for all generations is told by actors Kristina Bogunovic Gavric, Uros Jakovljevic, Dimitrije Ilic, Miljan Prljeta, Dragan Petrovic, Borivoje Jovanovic, Nikola Strbac, Predrag Filipovic and Petar Jovanovic. Approximately 70 minutes of duration will be quite enough to convey the message of the play - "It doesn't matter what you look like, what matters is your soul." Very funny and romantic new edition of entertainment at the old address is ready to welcome both the youngest and the slightly older audience.

A must watch

1. Otac (Father) - Atelje 212

The premiere was held at the end of March, but the impressions are still lasting. This is the second part of Zeller's dramatic trilogy (Mother, Father and Son). An aging father battling dementia is the outline. His relationship with his daughter, with his own age and everything that makes up the environment is shown in this tragicomedy. The author of the play is Florian Zeller, the director is Paolo Magelli, and the actors are Voja Brajovic, Hana Selimovic, Ivan Mihailovic, Dragana Varagic, Isidora Simijonovic and Marko Grabez.

2. Razvojni put Bore Snajdera (The development path of Bora Snajder) - Yugoslav Drama Theatre

Nenad Jezdic, Irfan Mensur, Branislav Lecic, Branka Selic, Tamara Dragicevic and other great actors brought the story from 1967 closer. The play by Aleksandar Popovic won the Sterija award for the best contemporary drama in the same year. The critics rated this work as the best among the competition of 710 dramas in the period from 1944 to 1993.

3. Sa druge strane jastuka (On the other side of the pillow) - Theater in Terazije

A musical different from others is not a new topic in the repertoire, but it is definitely eternal. Jug Radivojevic and Stefan Koprivica have created magic. Bajaga's music is magical itself, everyone will confirm. It is unreal in this episode. The love of two young people, which takes place right in Terazije, is performed all the time by the cast, choir, orchestra and ballet, all the time. Bajaga wrote and sang the verse "So keep quiet, there is no need for words when the eyes are saying it all" back in 1996. The verse that best describes what to do - go and buy the tickets!

All plays in Belgrade are in the theater calendar. Do not miss the dose of laughter, tears, learning, reminiscing, joy and everything that plays have to offer.