Music autumn in Cukarica

Five exceptional concert nights

Saturday 22nd of September 2018

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The manifestation "Music Autumn in Cukarica" ​​will be held at the Cultural Center "Cukarica" from 24th to 28th September. Concerts of old city music (starogradska muzika) will begin every evening at 20:00, and at this year's gathering, five music associations will sing and play.

"Narakord" ensemble, Wind Quintet of Radio Television of Serbia, Trio "Artium", "Jet Clock" choir and students of the music school "Vatroslav Lisinski" will present special songs that belong to the genre of old city music. Rare texts and melodies bring the spirit of ancient times that people gladly remember. Start of Belgrade autumn in a completely romantic way.

The city event "Music autumn in Cukarica" is organized for the 22nd time, and every year it records an increasing number of visits. If you grew up with songs like Serenada Beogradu, Voli me nezno, Kaljinka, Kozak you will enjoy it completely. If you have never heard of any of these tracks, take a walk at least one night to the Cultural Center "Cukarica" ​​in Banovo Brdo and listen to music that has been going on for decades.