Belgrade family days

The event with the tendency to become a symbol of Belgrade will last until 15th June. Dozens of locations in the very center and an incredible number of participants will turn the city into a zone

Monday 15th of April 2024

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Belgrade Family Days 2024 officially started on 15th April and this year, the fun for the whole family will be on until 15th June. Suitable content for everyone, attractive locations and an unusual program will make spring in Belgrade unforgettable.

As many as 18 theme zones distributed from the Republic Square along Knez Mihailova Street to Kalemegdan form the epicenter of this event. A total of 10 stages have been reserved for the program. The plan is that the biggest stage, set up on the Republic Square, will be a gathering place for lovers of good music in the evening hours.

The mass wedding on 26th May, the Boat Carnival on 15th June, the Street Carnival and other well-known city events are now part of the Belgrade Family Days event. In addition to these, over 100 concerts of classical, jazz, blues, pop and rock music will be organized. More than 30 theater plays for children and adults and over 50 open-air cinema screenings have also been announced. International Family Day, which is celebrated on 15th May, will be specially prepared and celebrated.

The beginning was more than festive. Sisters Marija and Marina Gobovic, custodians of original music, the Bozic musical family, the choir of the St. Sava Temple, KUD Dimitrije Koturovic, the Una Saga Serbika dance troupe, the choir of the Belgrade Children's Cultural Center and the White Angel ensemble masterfully staged the beginning of the two-month spectacle. Last year's edition of these Belgrade Family Days was declared a manifestation of special importance for the City of Belgrade. This year will be the same. Even more than that.

Belgrade Family Days 2024 - program

The exact program with the complete timetable will be published soon. It is now known that various contents will be held in special categories at attractive locations.

The Republic Square was occupied by the central stage reserved for large and evening concerts. Knez Mihailova is reserved for two large parts. A Video Game Zone and a Jazz, Blues and Rock Music Zone (next to the Cervantes Institute) will be located in the popular pedestrian street.

The Student Park in full splendor becomes the venue for the program: Art Zone and Chamber Music Stage. Across the street from the park, in Kolarac endowment, the Kolarac Zone and a cinema on the terrace, i.e. on the roof of Kolarac are organized.

Vojvoda Vuk Park becomes the Theater and Film Zone, while Toplicin venac is now the Painting Zone. The plateau near Obilicev venac will turn into a Dance Zone, and the plateau in front of Rajiceva into a Knowledge and Tradition Zone.

Kalemegdan absolutely assumes the role of host in this year's gathering. Small Luna Park, Large Luna Park, Festival Zone, Animal Zone, Mini Zoo, Dog Training and Horse Riding, Circus Zone, Nature Zone, Sports Zone, Popular and Folk Music Zone and Serbian Medieval Village near Nebojsa Tower are more than good reasons to immediately go to Kalemegdan.