What to do in the city at the last weekend in May

Step by step to the largest events in Belgrade

Thursday 24th of May 2018

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Six major events are on the repertoire. Dear guests of the city and dear hosts, postpone all obligations because what follows should not be missed.

1. The Day of Youth 2018

The time of Tito and the former Yugoslavia has been long gone, but memories have not. The memories of the epoch of communism are carefully guarded in one of the most visited museums in Belgrade - the Museum of Yugoslavia. Precisely on the Day of Youth, or Josip Broz Tito's birthday, on 25th May, exactly at 20:00, the museum opens the "Summer in the Museum" season. VIS Limunada band is in charge of the festive atmosphere, and the youth will be at the center of attention so that everything passes in retro style. In addition to excellent music, on the programme there is also a fashion show of young domestic designers who will present summer collections.

2. Belgrade Night Market "Great Market"

Another event in retro style. In 1824, at the Student Square, the first market was opened in Belgrade. Right here, at the debut location of the trade, the Belgrade Night Market is organizing bargaining and exchange on the 25th and 26th of May. The event that has made the city markets become a place of entertainment, good music, shopping of the best domestic products and handicrafts for the first time will last for two days.

3. Romantika (Romance) train

Old habits at the center of attention. The museum-tourist train "Romantika" is evoking the former era in full swing on the last Saturday in the month. The May timetable of the romantic ride is scheduled for 26th May at 09:30, departing from the Main Railway Station. Do not listen to the stories of the elderly, but rather see for yourself how it once was traveling by train. Boarding in the thirties of the last century for new memories.

4. Stock market of records at Dom Omladine (the Youth Center)

The retrospective of life in Belgrade is unthinkable without music. Long before YouTube era, music was listened to exclusively on records. Vinyl fans refuse to keep music on mega giga memory and the only what is truly worth are preserved and brand new records. All of you who have a gramophone on a special place at home, come to the Youth Center on 27th May from 10:00 to 14:00. The "Majska berza ploca" (May stock market of records) is an event with a long history of existence where, along with nice socializing, people exchange and sell records and compact discs.

5. Zaigraj Zapevaj

The International Festival of Traditional Dance and Music is held from 25th to 28th May. Throughout the city, mostly in Knez Mihailova Street and in front of the Temple of Saint Sava, folklore will be the center of attention. In order to promote Serbian tradition and culture, the big event is intended for everyone, and the parade of the local original rhythm and unique costumes will be prepared by amateurs, children and real professionals. Dance to the national beat this weekend.

6. Festival of Magic

A review of the past ends here. It is time for the world of illusion. The 6th Belgrade Magic Festival is organized at the Cultural Center Cukarica on 26th and 27th May. Famous magicians will present incredible skills that will make reality look quite different. Magical performances, best tricks, seminars, competitions and parties will mark a truly magical event in the city.