The Students Square

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Studentski trg (The Students` Square) used to be a Turkish Cemetery relocated in 19th century, then The Grand market, also relocated in 1927 and then, after revealing the monument to the scientist Josif Pancic, it became an oasis of academic thought and a pleasant ambiance. In its surrounding many buildings were erected like The First Belgrade High School (Prva Realka) today`s Faculty of Philosophy (Department of Pedagogy), The endowment of Ilija Kolarac and Captain Misa`s Mansion.

The Captain Misa`s Mansion was erected in 1863 as a family residence of the wealthiest man in Serbia in that time, captain Misa Anastasijevic. The mansion hosted many prominent people of that time. It currently houses the Rectorate of the University of Belgrade.

In the peace of the park on Studentski trg there are monuments to geographer Jovan Cvijic and educator, the member of the Enlightenment Movement Dositej Obradovic.