Belgrade is always a good idea

Every time of the year is the ideal time to visit the Serbian capital

Sunday 24th of December 2017

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Belgrade is the capital city of Serbia. By size, it is the third largest city in Southeast Europe after Istanbul and Athens. The first association with the capital is the confluence of the Sava and the Danube Rivers. Rich history too. The younger generations are very well informed about incredible nightlife. Serbian hospitality and special energy are what best represents almost two million inhabitants of the "White City". The city that never sleeps provides much more than the usual European metropolises. Here is a list of places you must visit in Belgrade.


The Belgrade Fortress is the most beautifully decorated green area in Belgrade. From here, the view of the confluence of the two rivers is unreal. Today's appearance of the fort dates back to the end of the 18th century. Kalemegdan has a great significance for European and Serbian history. There are many monuments here that keep memories of important historical events. Be sure to visit the Roman Well, the Beo Zoo Garden, the Victor Monument, the Nebojsa Tower and the Church of St. Petka.

Knez Mihailova Street

Large cities have at least one pedestrian zone to be proud of. In Belgrade, Knez Mihailova Street is a tourist zone. Famous restaurants and bars are right here. Shopping is the main attraction for all tourists and the excellent offer of local and foreign brands will fulfill every consumer's desire. As you walk down the Knez Mihailova Street, look at the facades of the buildings. They are proof that Belgrade was once the capital of culture. Museums and galleries work regularly and invite all interested to get to know a part of the Serbian art.

The Republic Square

The most famous city square. The main point for the orientation of those who do not get around well in the city center. You will find this square easily because there is a monument to Prince (Knez) Mihailo sitting on a horse. The National Theater and the Central Military Club are located near the monument.

The Museum of Yugoslavia

The most visited museum facility. An institution that is explored by more than 100,000 visitors each year. It has existed since 1996 under this name and was created by merging the 25. Maj (The 25th May) Museum, the Memorial Center Josip Broz Tito and the Museum of the Revolution of Yugoslav Nations and Ethnic Minorities. The inhabitants of the region are most interested in the items that highlight the history of Yugoslavia and Tito's rule. The magnificent architecture is surrounded by the perfect landscape park.

The Temple of St. Sava

A magnificent Christian temple. The construction lasted for a long time and went through a grueling process. The central dome is heavy even 4,000 tons and on top, there is a 12 meters high gold-plated cross. Today, it is the pride of Vracar and the building that is most often photographed in Belgrade.

The Museum of Nikola Tesla

The legacy of the most famous scientist who, with his accomplishments, did a lot for the whole humankind, is right here. The only museum in the world that preserves the original personal and scientific items of Nikola Tesla. The Tesla transformer, the induction motors and the hydroelectric model and other achievements of the magnificent mind are in a regular setting.


A unique bohemian quarter. If you have not at least once waited for the morning in one of the famous taverns, it does not count that you were in Belgrade. The whole street is paved with Turkish cobble that makes it difficult to walk down the street but emphasizes the spirit of old times. The most famous representatives of Serbian culture, literature and politics gathered here. "I spent the best days at night" is a sentence that conjures up a bohemian atmosphere in this neighbourhood. Restaurants are tradition keepers, and gastronomic specialties served here have been won numerous celebrities from Hollywood and leading representatives of the world's elite.

Ada Ciganlija

The other name is the Belgrade Sea. During the summer season, hundreds of thousands of people visit the famous city lake every day. In addition to catering facilities, entertainment and recreation, it provides many activities on the water and around it. Adrenaline fans have the opportunity to do bungee jumping, climb artificial rocks and much more. Protected animal species live on Ada and rich greenery is kept with special care. The oasis of peace is within the central city area.

Sava Promenade

Modern river zone. It has recently been built as an integral part of the "Belgrade Waterfront". The world's architects were responsible for the cosmopolitan appearance of the quay and they have brought a socially responsible construction principle. Rich content in open spaces meets the needs of users of all generations. The amphitheater, the Belgrade Waterfront Gallery and Sava Play are intended for everyone who loves walking near the water. The famous city events take place here and thanks to its location, this is the most visited quay in Belgrade.