August in Belgrade 2021

Not everything is about the sand and the sea. There is something about the asphalt as well. And there definitely is

Thursday 5th of August 2021

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Summer at Cukarica, Summer at Gardos, the summer nights of Belgrade, Dancing near Vuk, Belgrade is alive - entertainment in the style of summer is in every part of the city. For many, their favourite month has prepared a spectacular time out for them.

It is important to be up to date, follow the calendar of events and not a single event in the city will get past you.

What is life without short and long breaks with friends and food? Chasing. Mostly without a goal. Very boring. Therefore, while the summer regime is still going on and while everything is a bit slower, as summer dictates, find a restaurant or bar where the good company will become the best company. Wine, food, and music equate to a better summer in the city.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are slowly coming to an end. Milica Mandic has yet again (we have lost count) made Serbia the proudest country. The defeat of Novak Djokovic saddened the nation. Best regards to all the athletes who represent Serbia and give their best. There is still a bit of time left until the final matches. Even if you are not a sports fan, it is far better to follow sports results than the news. After you have gone around the city, relax in the comfort of your home. You can never take enough breaks when you are relaxed as one can be

When you catch yourself getting lazy, change up the rhythm quickly. If you are running out of ideas, here is a suggestion that might appeal to you. The music from Ibiza works wonders. Just listen.