Drinks for cold days

If the autumn is the spring for experienced ones, then the winter is the new summer. And deserves attention. So, raise your glass or cup and taste to a season like made for relaxing without hurry

Friday 23rd of November 2018

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Indulge in the cold autumn days alone or in the best company. Now you do not rush to all those places that are visited during the summer. The fitness center card is tucked away at home and is waiting for the next Monday to be activated. Or some future day for changes. After compulsory activities, you have the time to explore the city's offer of great bars and find out what is drunk the most in the city.

Coffee is an ideal reason to leave the house. A friend who always has free time to socialize. Checked recipe for "boosting" energy. There are various kinds of coffee, but the perfect one is the only thing that matters. Perfect, strong, with the smell of real coffee. That is exactly what is required. Laboratorija kafe is not just an amazing bar with great service. It is a place that creates perfect drinks. Especially coffee. There are no failed experiments. Nor atmosphere that is described as a waste of time. With a secret formula for impeccable quality, they make gray clouds go away and they bring joy. In every cup.

If it is to believe that saying - fight fire with fire, then something cold is drunk at low temperatures. The cooler the better. Nobody has thought about a large glass of cold water. But about ice cold beer has. Beerhouses and pubs in Belgrade are becoming more and more numerous every day. In order not to waste time on research projects, go to checked out places. Where there is crowded because of fresh beer and a positive atmosphere. OUR pub is just like that. Stylish with a home-like atmosphere. Countless different beers and selected specialties for authentic autumn idyll in Tas. Beer, food and city energy are even better with great live gigs.

There are numerous people who want both good drinks and interesting food portions and an attractive ambiance. Actually the all-in-one concept everyone wants. There is just a question of where such bars are. There is one very good bar in Banovo Brdo. Balance has combined all that is necessary for modern hedonism. Fantastic cocktails, various kinds of coffee and drinks with coffee, alcoholic and soft drinks, as well as excellent wines. The kitchen prepares attractive snacks and complex meals a la Italy taste every day. It is impossible not to find your perfect combination. On your way or not, Balance should not be passed by during going around the city.