When beer and experience are combined, this kind of bar is exactly what you get. The spectacular offer of beer from all over the world is the main reason for the big crowd every day, while quality gourmet snacks perfectly follow every drop of favourite barley juice.

You do not like beer? No problem. There are so much interesting things in the offer that perfectly accompany each meeting at any time. The interior of the bar is such that it is easy to notice the great relationship between beautiful and useful, and elegant colours and fabrics are accompanied by creative details.

Right at the entrance, it is clear that the owners did not save on the ambiance in order to look world-class. That is why people gladly talk about the atmosphere. Especially when it comes to live gigs. Fortunately, they are always organized.

They say that they have found the idea for ​​creating such a pub in the Czech Republic. The feeling is that they have overcome the initial idea. Fantastic energy, modern gastronomy and literally countless beers bring world entertainment to the popular part of the city. The Organization of the Associated Labor (Organizacija Udruzenog Rada O.U.R.) has been creating first-class entertainment for all Belgraders and numerous guests for a decade. There is not one single reason not to visit this special place. You will be delighted.