Cafe Lavash



Globe has not been used to explore the planet for long time now. The Internet and all its advantages discover faster than we can imagine where and what can be seen. People used to travel several thousand kilometers for gastronomic specialties of mystical, exotic Asia. Not anymore. The Middle East lives its new life in the Beton Hall. The undisputed hedonism that will win over absolutely every sense is called Cafe Lavash from now on.

There is no philosophy of priorities at this address. Each segment is absolutely essential. The desire that anyone who comes to the impressive restaurant, spontaneously or intentionally, and enjoys is more than successfully realized. A unique place in Belgrade is everything you dream about when you want the perfect day. The spectacle from the gastronomic sphere, the aesthetics seen only in the most prestigious world cafes with the familiar feeling of domestic welcome in a completely contemporary way are the first three reasons why it is crowded here at any moment. And that is just the beginning of a unique concept.

The range of quality hookah, the masterpieces of the beer industry, the cocktails that get likes on social networks at the speed of light, the best drinks, homemade coffee and a range of espresso flavours, along with numerous freshly squeezed, carbonated and non-carbonated juices, fits better than ever into the spirit of the Orient that rules the space. Staying in the garden with a view of the Danube and Belgrade is priceless.

It is almost incredibly to connect a modern era with high standards and a touch of tradition. Cafe Lavash has not only succeeded in the intent but already has lived up to everyone's expectations. While exploring a phenomenal, completely original menu, the music for you is chosen by famous DJs. Or an ensemble that insists on sevdalinke. Yes, electronic music and ethno that awakens special emotions are listened to in the same place. Perfect. The Balkans and the Orient under the same roof right next to the river, for the pleasure of the modern era.