Yellow Duck

In the heart of Savamala, in Karadjordjeva Street there is an apartment with a spacious terrace with an amazing view of Kalemegdan, Zemun and rivers that are pride Belgrade. City events that can not be missed and the best night-time are a step away from the apartment. The design presents modern functionality in the contemporary living concept. The equipment of the apartment is more than sufficient for a longer stay in Belgrade. Daily relaxation and rest from the clubs where people stay until early in the morning at the right place.

A modern and very functional interior is adapted to the guests of all categories. If you have taken your job with you as well, you have plenty of room for successful tasks. Light colours, large glass surfaces and yellow details create a space that leaves a positive impression and creates a sense of home relaxing atmosphere. Furnished kitchen dares to gastronomic magic.

The bathroom has everything needed, you do not need to carry your towels and other necessities. It is up to you to book popular apartment on time. And to pack a lot of energy to come to Belgrade because it will be very necessary for you. Great place to get to know the capital of Serbia.