Apartments for clubbers

Let the only worry be where to go out to. Nothing else

Monday 17th of December 2018

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You have a plan to personally experience the magic of nightlife in Belgrade, instead of just reading positive comments. Bravo bravo! You have not set off yet and you already see yourself as a star of the dance floor. Whether you are planning to conquer the audience by dancing or chatting at the bar, you must also think about accommodation. It is essential to choose wisely where to sleep when only going out is important. Logically, in the area where there are most clubs nearby.

Savamala is a paradise for clubbers. A lot of what the city offers is right here. Restaurants, bars for day and night and, of course, popular clubs - these are your interests. Do not waste time or money on transport, but register at the Yellow Duck apartment. Famous places will be one step away from your bed. Fully equipped apartment considerably facilitates staying. Plus, there is an incredible view from the huge balcony. You will experience the city exactly as it is - perfect.

OK, entertainment is your top priority, but you want some city energy on your skin, too. Definitely choose accommodation in the center of Belgrade. If you do not want to miss anything, choose Verdi apartment. Designed with a lot of taste and style, it further emphasizes the feeling of being in the right European metropolis. Located in Obilicev venac Street, it promises you will be into central events. Although this part of the city never sleeps, peace is guaranteed.

It is not easy to be at parties until the morning. Full entertainment requires complete recovery. The best rest is at home. Since it is impossible to pack a bedroom into a suitcase, it is ideal to find something resembling well known cosiness. In Vracar, one old house has been completely redecorated. It has some special charm. And it is completely isolated from the noise. There you are, in the epicenter, and you still have peace. It is called idyll. That is why in the Kod Smilje apartment is like at home. You just do not have to do anything. Except to book now.