Cukur fountain

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It represents a monument built in memory of a sad incident when Turkish soldiers killed a little apprentice - a boy called Sava Petkovic on 15th June 1862. There is his statue on the fountain and the official title of the sculpture is The Boy With a Broken Pitcher. Since 1965, it has been a cultural monument. The memorial fountain was built in 1931 from an endowment fund established by a tobacco merchant named Toma Vandjel according to the author's work by academician and sculptor Simeon Roksandic. Vlastimir Petkovic Kepa, a former telephone broadcaster of Radio Belgrade, formerly known as a footballer of BSK (today's OFK Belgrade) and a representative of Yugoslavia, was a model for the sculpture.

The boy Sava Petkovic was sent for the water from the Cukur fountain where there already were Sima Nesic, Ivko Prokic and other Serbian soldiers, as well as Turkish troops (soldiers). One of the Turkish soldiers took the pitcher away from Sava, he began to defend himself and this angered a soldier who killed him with a bayonet. According to another story, he hit him with the pitcher in his head. Serbian soldiers quickly arrived at the scene of the crime and arrested many of the Turkish soldiers in the same place and the arrest turned into a big fight that lasted all night. The conflict spread around Belgrade, there were several casualties on the Great Market among which Sima Nesic (mediator of the Turkish authorities) and gendarme Djordje Nislija were killed. The Serbians armed themselves with old guns and quickly overtook the Varos Gate, and destroyed the Sava and Stambol Gates. At that time, the liberation of Belgrade from the Turks began.