Knez Mihailo monument

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Erected in front of the National Theatre in 1882. as the first artistic monument in Serbia, at the site of the former Stambol Gate. The monument is the work of Florentine sculptor Enrico Pazzi. The pedestal features the name of towns  which were recaptured from the Turks during Prince Mihailo Obrenovic reign, as well as relief scenes from Serbian history created according to design of architect Konstantin Jovanovic.

Prince Mihailo (1823 - 1868) is the son of Prince Milos. The sultan recognized him as an elected prince in 1842. After the rebellion, he was forced to leave Serbia and was succeeded by Aleksandar Karadjordjevic. After six years living abroad and helping many known Serbs - Vuk Karadzic, Djura Danicic, Branko Radicevic among others, Prince Mihailo once again acceded to the throne in 1860. Next year he set up the National Army of approximately 50,000 people with the aim of achieving the final liberation of Serbia from the Turks. He was killed in Kosutnjak in 1868.