Zeleni venac Market

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The first assembly of Serbian greengrocers was held at Zeleni venac in 1918. When market was built on this place two years after, very modern one for that time, residents gave it the title "queen of markets". The goods were brought in by a carriage, and richer sellers used their own trucks to bring in their goods. The buyers and the sellers from whole country have been coming to this market for decades. A different, interesting architecture made this market well known outside the borders of Belgrade. At the beginning of 2007, with the help of the city authorities, the market was completely reconstructed. Zeleni venac market today proudly holds the title of one of the most modern green markets in the Balkans.

In early 2007, thanks to the City of Belgrade, the market was completely renovated. Apart from the hall built for dairy products, public garage and shops, the area for selling fruit and vegetables is covered with a transparent canopy and air-conditioned. Today, Zeleni venac market is one of the most modern green markets in the Balkans. Due to a unique architectural solution, the entire complex of the Zeleni venac market was declared a cultural monument of special importance.