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Welcome to the oldest pastry shop in Belgrade, all over Serbia and probably throughout the region. A unique museum with the sweetest exhibits available since 1851. Mr. Mustafa Pelivanovic won in a wrestling match, and as a prize he won a shop at the Stambol Gate. The tradition, almost two centuries long, began as the first sugar oasis, a synonym for baklava and halva. It was completely destroyed in bombing of Belgrade in April 1941.

Pelivan did not disappear from the map but moved to a new address in August of the same year and continued where it stopped. The iconic Belgrade empire of sweet bites is constantly changing, developing and following trends. Techniques, ingredients, people. Something passes, somebody stays. One fact is always present. Here, with each treat, there is a lot of love. This is the secret spice that makes every cake and ice cream an authentic spectacle for the senses.

Eternal cakes - cremeschnitte, sampita (a whipped meringue dessert with egg yolk crust), chestnut puree, tulumba, baklava, kadif, halva, quince preserve (quince sweet or slatko with quince) and other flavours are available at all times. Carefully selected six types of cakes are obligatory guests at every celebration. The range of cookies will meet the expectations of the "old school" and the modern world. Cookies improve the mood at first glance. A custom that is passed from generation to generation, coming for an ice cream in Pelivan is a special story. Feast of milk and fruit scoops is Belgrade brand. If you did not walk to Pelivan for an ice cream, it is like you have not even been in Belgrade.