Dolce Principessa


OPENS AT 08:00

The sweetest edition of the whole planet in the center of Dorcol. This is a unique pastry shop that is impossible to miss. And it is not desirable to go through the city without stopping at the address where each woman becomes a princess and every gentleman is a prince. An extremely sweet fairy tale always serves the beginning from dreams. The plot goes on as planned - perfectly. The short end is for memory. And then all over again.

Recipes from Sicily bring summer to your mood even when it is not its time. The whole of Italy, in a sweet edition, settled in the manufacture of hardworking Sweet Princess - Dolce Principessa. Vienna treats enthrall the senses of the most demanding gourmands. Belgrade - Paris distance is 1,800 kilometers. Only until you come to this coffee and pastry shop and order French treats. Ice cream, mini and mega cookies, a great palette of various sweets, cakes for every day, wedding cakes, birthday cakes. Every candy is always available and each one has the beverage that suits it most. It is up to you only to choose.

Staying in an impressive interior will make an ordinary day the most beautiful one in the calendar. The combination of chic, charm and elegance will not leave you indifferent, whether you have come to wake up with a cup of coffee and a cake, whether you hurry from work or you have decided to spend a pleasant evening with dear people. The atmosphere is always perfect. Just like the staff.

If you had to mention the disadvantage of this sweet kingdom - here it is. It is a big pity that it does not work 24/7, 365 days a year. So, when you start from a house where sweet magic is the reality, choose one of the 100 treats and continue enjoying at home, at friend's house or outside the city. And make sure you come back for more. Although this does not need to be mentioned. You will do it yourself.